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Marine weather forecast DHMZ

Wind forecast per hours at Nin/Zadar coast


This chart shows the dynamic adjustment of the wind in the NIN / Zadar area for the next period. It shows wind speed in meter per second.

Wind speed: 1 m/s = 3,6 km/h

The safety and comfort of navigation is guaranteed by both white and two green colors on the map.

If you sail on yellow areas you sail at your own risk, but you will not enjoy it because the sea due to wind is too wavy.

If the weather forecast is orange or red, renting a boat will not be possible due to your safety.


Our boats are really reliable, clean and we like to keep it that way. Boat Driving Licence Category B required (which includes: Passenger boats up to 3 Nm coast and Islands, Cargo and fishing boats and All types of pleasure boats). Enjoy your stay and be safe!

Have Fun

Renting a boat in Croatia will boost your summer vacation. Enjoy water sports that make beach destinations so beautiful and amazing that people come to visit them again and again, such as water-skiing, boarding and scuba diving.
Just rent one and enjoy life beyond your imagination!

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NIN, Croatia
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